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I am a marketing professional with a very successful product. My company would like to expand into new territories and with the right partner, "your" area will be very profitable. We are seeking a 50/50 local partner with superior management skills, good morals, ethics, and who is financially and personally stable. You must be as comfortable dealing with our upscale clientele as dealing with installers and sales people.

This partnership would require your full time devotion and is not suitable for a person with limited time or absentee ownership. The first step (if you have a basic interest) would be to have an initial telephone conversation to see if there could be a mutual fit (prior to disclosing our company name and product). If you are interested in proceeding forward, please continue below.

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You can submit a full resume and any additional details you feel we may find helpful via e-mail to inquire@zzrob.com.